Landscape Design

Landscape Design With Wildlife In Mind

Pat Sutton will emphasize designs that work with nature, not at odds with nature. Choosing the right native plant for the right spot (and the right site for key elements of a wildlife habitat) is key. The program will showcase multi-dimensional, diverse, layered, and interesting-to-the-eye natural landscapes that benefit wildlife, emphasizing to “let nature be the guide.” Typical landscaping (lawn and uniform park-like plantings) will pale in comparison.

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    1. Hi Rose,

      I am self-employed and do programs all over NJ and the country (festivals, etc.). The best way to learn if I am doing a program near you in Princeton is to check my website, clicking on the link at the top for “Upcoming Events” .

      Too, if you join my Gardening Gang (which you can do on my website), I send out alerts when I’m doing programs hither and yon

      Happy Gardening,

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