When Wildlife Gardens Look Like Gardens,  Susan Harris’ “Garden Rant” post, written after she attended Pat Sutton’s September 21, 2014 “South Tour of Monarch Gardens,” featuring private backyard and front yard gardens in the Cape May area.

Pat Sutton received the 2013 WOMEN & WILDLIFE Education Award.  With these awards the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey recognizes outstanding women for their achievements and advances in protecting New Jersey’s endangered and threatened species.

We are both long-time members of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club & were interviewed by DVOC.  Pages 4-8.  Spring 2007.

We were interviewed by Rick Radis for NJ Audubon / CMBO.  Here is Rick’s interview,  “Migrants and Residents (Clay and Pat Sutton)” in “News From The Cape” July 1, 2007.

Gardening for Wildlife Workshops Return, in Cape May County Herald.  November 2, 2009.

Aficionados miss butterflies, by Michelle Lee of the Press of Atlantic City, with YouTube video of Pat talking about Butterfly Declines.  August 30, 2009.

Pat and Clay Sutton’s wildlife habitat was one of 15 “Birdy Backyard All-Stars” featured in Bill Thompson III’s book, Bird Homes and Habitats (published in 2013).

Pat and Clay Sutton’s wildlife habitat was one of 29 gardens featured in Nancy Berner and Susan Lowry’s book, Gardens of the Garden State (published in 2014).

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