How to Spot an Owl

program by Clay and Pat Sutton

Pat and Clay Sutton have studied owls in the wild for over 40 years in the Cape May area, so famous for owl migration, and wherever they travel. In their program they share their fascination with owls and convey the excitement of searching for, understanding, and enjoying these illusive and mysterious creatures — just as they have in their book by the same title (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1994, now out of print).

Owling basics, owling on your own, various clues to follow-up, special places and habitats, helpful hints, and backyard owling will all be covered. Owling etiquette and how to spot owls without disturbing them is emphasized. Pat and Clay will remove some of the mystery of owl finding, while simultaneously conveying the excitement of searching for and studying these illusive nocturnal predators. Bring your binocs . . . so you can find some of the hidden owls in the program!



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