How to Spot Hawks & Eagles

program by Clay (& Pat) Sutton

The Suttons’ program is based on their popular book, How to Spot Hawks & Eagles (Houghton Mifflin, 1996). In the program, Clay and Pat Sutton will share their love of hawks and eagles and the “how to’s” for finding, studying, and enjoying them. They will bring to light the many Cape May connections — some obvious and some not so obvious — to the bigger, wider, wonderful world of raptors. The program will convey the excitement of autumn at Cape May and the drama of hawk migration at many other hotspots they have visited, such as Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania, Santa Ana NWR in Texas, Duluth in Minnesota, Braddock Bay in New York, and the incomparable “River of Raptors” in Veracruz, Mexico. They will cover raptor basics, finding hawks and eagles both near and far, and when and where to go. There will also be a special emphasis on finding raptors throughout the seasons. In their program the Suttons will relate the fascination of hawkwatching and convey the excitement of searching for, understanding, and enjoying our spectacular birds of prey.



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