Leave the Leaves and Dive Into Shade Gardening Instead

Every-day gardeners who transition into wildlife gardening often have a hard time rethinking the many tasks they’ve tackled for years, tasks that are highly hazardous to the very wildlife they are working so hard to attract and benefit. Pat Sutton will open your eyes to a world of life hidden in fallen leaves, which to her are anything but leaf “litter.” She will uncover the secret lives of butterflies and moths, bumble bees and other beneficial pollinators, salamanders, fireflies and so much more through the winter months, all tucked safely in and under leaf litter. As late winter and early spring arrive, she will showcase the many native wildflowers that so easily bust through the deepest leaf litter and light up shade gardens throughout her yard.

Before the program be sure to read my post,  Leave the Leaves, to learn of many helpful resources on this topic