Hummingbird Gardens

Young Ruby-throated Hummingbird with pollen covering its head

As young leave the nest and as hummingbirds that nested on the Gaspe Peninsula in eastern Canada and other points north begin to move south, hummingbird activity in our gardens soars.  The time to easily see lots and lots of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds is fast approaching: late July through first week in September.


2013 Tours of Private Hummingbird Gardens

That being the case, I’m once again looking forward to leading “Tours of Private Hummingbird Gardens.”   This year I’ve scheduled the tours mid-week, to avoid summer-at-the-shore weekend traffic.  Join me, if you can, to see 18 fabulous hummingbird gardens over a three-day period: August 20-22 (Tuesday-Thursday).   My own garden (and Eleanor and Gordon’s Engel’s garden below) will be on the “North Tour” (August 22), but all the gardens are wickedly delicious and full of hummingbirds.

My own garden in mid-July. It will look completely different by the August “Tours of Private Hummingbird Gardens”
Eleanor Engel in the meadow that she and her husband Gordon created after successfully removing bamboo – what a Success Story!


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