Pat Sutton’s Wildlife Garden

Hi Gang,

I’ve had fun updating the page about “Our Wildlife Garden,” which is a history of how our  garden came about, changes over time as I learned more and more, and recent additions with each new native plant nursery that is born in our area (and that I want to support).  You can find this page in the top “ABOUT” header, which also includes a page about me, another about Clay, and another about media covering us.

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4 Replies to “Pat Sutton’s Wildlife Garden”

  1. Pat
    I love reading about your garden and love how you were able to document the process of your 1/2 acre over all the years. I live on Staten Island and having a very small space with more shade than sun (that is why I didn’t have AC till a few years ago) when the Split became available. I love my shade.

    1. Joyce,
      Thank you so much for sharing how much you love your shady yard. Let’s each of us continue to inspire owners of shady yards to embrace layered landscapes of natives in those areas. Shade-loving native perennials and shrubs can be just as dazzling as the more familiar sun-loving plants. Enjoy your shady “happy place”!

  2. I found a Polyphemus moth cocoon in the street. It had fallen with the leaves from an oak that overhangs the street. No soft landing. I’m still hopeful it will emerge.

    1. Carole,
      Fingers crossed that it did survive. If you have it in a safe place where you can monitor it (outdoors, of course), it may not emerge until the summer. So let it lay in that safe place. When it emerges from the cocoon, it will crawl up a tree trunk or something else nearby so that it can extend it’s wings fully and expand them unimpeded so they dry properly. It may be there for hours as it does so. Hopefully you will spot it! Enjoy! Pat

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