Bob and Carol Marceluk’s Ocean City Wildlife Habitat

SAMSUNG CSCGarden Gang members Bob and Carol Marceluk in Ocean City, NJ, and their WILDLIFE HABITAT were featured in the Press of Atlantic City, Saturday, July 12, 2014: “New Boardwalk Attraction,” by Martin DeAngelis.

I met Bob and Carol in 2012 when I taught a series of Gardening for Wildlife Workshops for the Ocean City Environmental Commission . . . and, as they say, the rest is history!

They transformed a large expanse of boring lawn  into gardens full of native nectar plants (that bloom spring through fall), lots and lots of caterpillar plants (including MILKWEED of course), native berry-producing trees and shrubs (for cover and food), water features (including a new pond), neat seating areas.  It has given them SO MUCH pleasure and provided an oasis to migrant and resident wildlife.

I wish I was brave enough to add Bob & Carol Marceluk’s habitat to the “Tours of Private Wildlife Gardens” that I lead, but taking people into Ocean City in the summer on a weekend  . . .   In the future I might plan a special tour to barrier island gardens on a date after the crazy summer tourist season.  I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, consider writing a comment or words of support for Bob & Carol’s project at the end of the “on line” Press of Atlantic City article.

2 Replies to “Bob and Carol Marceluk’s Ocean City Wildlife Habitat”

  1. Good Morning,
    I would like to attend your classes or garden tours in the area. I’d like also
    like to bring my Town Bank property to a more natural state.
    Thank You
    Ed Jackson
    Cell 267 252 6815

    1. Hi Ed, Super! You could join the “Gardening Gang” and that way you’ll get e-mail alerts from me when I am teaching classes and workshops. Look in the top right of our website and you’ll see the link to “Join Pat Sutton’s Gardening Gang.” Right now you can sign up for some of the August and September “Tours of Private Wildlife Gardens” and get to see nearby wildlife-friendly gardens and meet other wildlife gardeners in your area (many of whom have attended “Gardening for Wildlife Workshops” that I have taught. I’ll also send this to you in an e-mail. All the best, Pat

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