Garden Rant features “Tour of Private Cape May Monarch Gardens”

Mildred Morgan sharing her cherished oasis!

Hi Gang,

I thought you would enjoy Susan Harris’ Garden Rant post, written after she attended the September 21, 2014 “South Tour of Monarch Gardens,” featuring private backyard and front yard gardens in Cape May, Lower Township, and Cape May Point:

When Wildlife Gardens Look Like Gardens
by Susan Harris
Garden Rant

As you can tell from the title, she was quite complimentary. Bravo wildlife gardeners and thank you SO MUCH for letting me share your gardens with tour participants! Keep enjoying your oases and the many wildlife visitors they attract and have fun inspiring others to do the same. If you know anyone who is ripe to be hooked on wildlife gardening, be sure they are aware of the upcoming workshops I’l be teaching: “2015 Gardening for Wildlife Workshop Series.”

Happy Gardening,

2 Replies to “Garden Rant features “Tour of Private Cape May Monarch Gardens””

  1. Will you post when the tour of Cape May Wildlife Gardens is in September? I just love your posts, soooo informative. Met you at the Green Thumb Garden Club meeting this winter. Going to start a wildlife garden this spring with native plants because of your inspiration, thank you so much

    1. Hi Marilyn, SO excited for you. Have a ball with your new wildlife garden this spring. In 2015 I am taking a sabbatical from the garden tours to do some writing. If I learn of garden tours being led by others I’ll be sure to send out alerts to the Gardening Gang. Happy Gardening! Pat

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